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The World


In the distant future, somewhere among the stars, humanity found the first tear.




Within the tear they found worlds full of a strange energy that could bring thoughts to life. They found creatures who lived in these worlds and digested that energy to survive. Within these creatures they found crystals. Within the crystals they found energy could be brought back home. Soon the crystals became batteries and suddenly all the worlds ran on unlimited, clean fuel. 




Technology adapted to the “magic” crystal energy, and a massive city grew around the tear as humanity began mining it for this new resource. They quickly discovered more tears inside the first one, and more worlds to mine with terrifying new creatures protecting the crystals.

The People


A city of people grew around the tear, people from all over the galaxy came to make their fortune in a new gold rush. 



While technology was adapting to the crystals, so too were the people. The crystals allowed imagination to be made real. This sent a shockwave through human culture. New religions were formed, new ways of living were considered, and entire industries sprang up around the harvest and trade of the crystals.





The Way of Life


The crystals became humanity’s obsession. They couldn’t be replicated with any known technology, so mining them from the tear was the only option. The beasts inside the tear were fierce, and so adventurers were needed. People with weapons training and fighting skills strong enough to survive a trip into the tear were hailed as heroes. The deeper you could go, the more crystals you could find, and the more your name would grow.





Craftsman found themselves overwhelmed with requests for personalized equipment. The crystals brought the imagination into reality, and mass production can get you the parts, but the final weapon needs to be custom-tailored with appropriate crystals just for your mind.


Businessmen found themselves with opportunities they could never imagine, sorting out the needs of a market and running guilds full of adventurers, craftsmen, and other businessmen all trying to optimize the flow of the crystals to where they needed to go, and making trades and alliances to support everyone else.


Adventurers, of course, found themselves running through other worlds, seeking ever greater monsters to harvest for the precious resource. 



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