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The following is a sample of supervillain threats that were intended to be presented randomly to players as other actions were happening in the foreground of a telltale-like video game.



Your bones will be dust in the hourglass that counts your passing


Your name will be a curse uttered only in darkness


Nothing shall grow where you have walked, for fear of being trapped in your footsteps


The light of stars will bend space to avoid your wretched homeland


Unspeaking beasts shall teach their offspring to flee from your graves


Your memory shall be a blight upon those forced to carry it


Knowledge of your customs will be purged with fire and acid


This planet's flora will wither as your funeral pyre blots out the sun


The sky shall weep red as your blood fills every ocean, lake, and river of this pathetic rock


There shall be no stone that does not know the taste of your entrails


Your sinews will rot as even the rats refuse to partake of you


Your eyes will see the darkness of your life long after your mind can no longer take it in


New words will exist in every uttered tongue, solely to express the horror of your end

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