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Quest - Elden Ring


Brief Summary:

A fighter who has discovered a new, dark sorcery she cannot possibly control, but which she cannot win without. Who are you to say when a hopeless struggle doesn't deserve extreme measures?


Design Goals: 

  • Create new character to supplement existing cast with potential for further building on

  • Provide narrative context to existing boss fights

  • Build player relationship to an NPC through shared gameplay interactions




The Quest:

A warrior, Twin-faced Caitlin, has a sister who is dying of a rotting disease, slowly and painfully. Caitlin cannot sit by and watch, and has adventured to find a demon who’s blood she may use in a ritual. 


[In a castle in Limgrave, just outside of a boss fight]

“Ah, another Tarnished. You have excellent timing, my new friend.”

“This demon needs slaying, the world will be safer with it gone, and I need its blood.”

“Help me kill it. Just let me get in a hit or two before it’s done.”


If you slay the demon, Caitlin will walk over to its physical body, bound and sealed on the floor, where she begins to clean and prepare it. If you speak to her, she says:


“Thank you. I, and my sister, are forever in your debt.”

“If you wish to help further, I’ll be in Caelid… Creating a cure for the blight…”


[In a cave in Caelid]


“Hello again, Tarnished. Nice to see you.”

“There is a scroll at the bottom of this cave. Will you help me retrieve it?”

[Yes/No choice]

If you say no:

“I’ll be here a while, if you change your mind.”

(if you don’t return in time, her body will eventually show up in the sorcerer’s lair)


If you say yes:

“Excellent, thank you once again.” 

“A foul sorcerer lives in the depths below, twisted by his dark magics.”  

“The scroll is in his possession. Help me kill him, and I’ll cure this vile rot.”


Caitlin will help you kill the sorcerer, and after his death will appear at his desk.


“At last, I hold the cure in my hand.” 

“Caelid’s very soul now rests with me. Can I cure this rot, or will I succumb as the others have?”

“Meet me in the catacombs below the heart of the blight. We must cleanse the earth itself if my sister is to survive.”


[Within the Caelid’s Heart Catacombs]


“Tarnished. You’ve come once again. Thank you.”

“I now use the demon’s blood and the scroll of faces to bind this rot.”

“If I fail, the rot will use my body against you. Do not hesitate to kill me, if this happens.”

“Now stand back. This must be done.”


Caitlin’s body begins to twist and morph, she grows larger and masses of flesh begin to tear from her body, but then stop short. She stands, looking like the beginnings of a monstrosity, but not the end of one.


“I live, it seems. Though not as I did.”

“Perhaps… Perhaps this form has strengths I can use.”

“Leave me, Tarnished. I must learn this new body if I am still to fight.”


Farther north on the Altus plateau, the player can find items which mention a great struggle between two monstrous sisters within a chapel once owned by the royal family.


[Within the Royal Chapel of Purity]


An enormous twisted monstrosity sits towering over the altar, its bulbous form still attached to the chair it once sat in. Priestess of Cleansing boss fight begins. After a few seconds, Caitlin appears.


“It is time, Sister. It ends now.”


Once you beat the Priestess, a cutscene starts. Caitlin approaches the bloodied body of her sister, holding up the demonic scroll, chanting black speech that writhes through the air. The body of the Priestess begins to boil, its skin sloughing off in great chunks, revealing the remains of a woman within


[Return to normal gameplay]

Caitlin stands, holding her sister in her arms


“Thank you, Tarnished. I have her back at last.”

“She will rest beside our ancestors."

"Here. This is of no use to me."


Caitlin hands the player the Demon Blood Scroll, which they can turn in at a sorcery vendor to unlock additional spells.


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