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------------ Level Design Breakdown - Project Lux -------------


Gameplay -


Project Lux is a 2v2 multiplayer soccer game. Players have 4 ability slots they can equip spells to, and these spells give them abilities such as summoning a wall, slashing a sword, jumping, or healing teammates.

Design Goals -


First concepts for level design were simple soccer fields, but movement and attack abilities proved ineffective on a simple plane. By offering vertical traversal options, and a series of choke points leading into, out of, and around enclosed spaces, a variety of tactical choices are enabled in all moments of gameplay. The flat, unobstructed critical path between goals makes up the core play experience, everything else is a tactical choice with trade-offs.


------------ Flow -------------


Level is flat along a core path with goals at either extreme, and a ball in the center. The image below shows the same map, but with the underground space visible.




Below is an image showing the flow into and out of different parts of the multilevel split. Orange lines denote doorways leading to the underground areas in the above image. Blue lines show the two ramps up to the upper areas. Upper areas are also freely reachable with the Jump spell.



Ramps up are present only near the goal, and there is only one ramp per team. Because the ball carrier cannot access this area until they’re already at the goal, the upper part of the map becomes a relatively safe, easy-travel space perfect for ambushing those below. Because the upper space is so relatively safe, it also creates a strong advantage for attackers who steal the ball from the carrier near the enemy goal, who can use the upper paths to quickly run the ball to their own goal.


------------ Spell Stones-------------


Spell Stones, the game’s abilities, are spread throughout the map and require players to find and absorb them before they have any ability other than movement. Because these stones are so essential, the time commitment for them is low, but because we don’t want people changing abilities too often, they are tucked away from the core path. Stone #4 is the only exception to this rule, being present on a slightly raised platform right at the main choke point of the level. In the demo, this stone is assigned to the Jump spell.



Additional stones are underground, these are distinct from the ones above.

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