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The Pitch

We’ve all got bad ideas some times, but most of us aren’t powerful wizards. Or bears. Defend your worst ideas in this game of chaotic, magical strategy! Where other strategy games are slow and plodding, Bears is magical speed chess on steroids, a physics sim turned tactical. Knock down trees to block your enemy's path, convert their bears to your side and change the pace of the battle, or just throw a fireball at them and be done with it all. Everyone's strategy is different!


  • Embrace chaotic strategy gameplay, and seek to control a chess board full of traps. Be surprised by physics-like interactions, and unexpected consequences for your actions that keep you thinking on your feet.

  • Experience a singleplayer campaign inspired by the story of Don Quixote. Fight windmills, Bearluminati cultists, and the fiery fish god of destruction, Cod'Thulu.

  • Gather up to 8 of your friends for local multiplayer, trading the hot seat to battle it out and test your strategic prowess in chessboards full of chaos.

  • Enjoy endless, procedurally-generated levels that keep the excitement coming without growing stale. 



Bears began its life 2 years ago as a solo side project made for fun. As it's grown, I've brought in technical help and advisors to make sure it gets done right. The current build is still mostly a solo project with all the rough edges that involves. I am seeking funding and publishing support to polish off those rough edges and fill in the game with the content it needs. 

The Team


We began ​our careers together at California Institute of the Arts, and have been making games ever since. We've worked on games like Genshin Impact, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, and many more as part of other teams and are eager to make a splash with a game of our own. Our goal is to create exciting, innovative games which tell rich stories outside of what are usually considered narrative genres by leveraging game mechanics which speak with minimal need of text or video. 


For more information, or for a copy of our pitch deck, please email me at

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