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Quest - Cask of Amontillado



Cask of Amontillado-inspired rescue quest. You must save Fortunado from being sealed behind a wall, and doing so will get you a new Ally on your “Ask For Help” list of summons.


Design Goals

  • Evoke the spirit of the Cask of Amontillado while maintaining a light tone

  • Introduce players to the concept of a surprise ambush

  • Introduce players to the idea of fighting with multiple bears on your team

  • Introduce Bearluminatti agents, but without saying what they are yet



Someone outside the crypt tells you a hero was here recently, but that they went into the crypt with Montressor, who hates so-called heroes, always acting like they’re better than people.


A bear stands in a wine cellar, building a wall on one side, with another bear standing behind it, yelling for help. The player enters, sees this, and hears Fortunado’s cries for help. The player character decides the cries for help are asking for assistance with the wall construction, and gets the idea: “Help Build Their Wall”. At this point the player has access to several piles of bricks which they can push towards Montressor, the bear building the wall. Giving Montressor bricks accomplishes nothing of note. Fortunado corrects the player character and guides the player in destroying a highlighted section of wall. Attacking the wall, or Montressor, causes Montressor to become hostile. Montressor yells that “They must not have him!” and tries to stop you from freeing Fortunado. If you successfully destroy the wall, two hostile bears appear in the room and attack you. At the same time that you destroy the wall and summon the enemies, you also gain Fortunado on your team and get the idea to “Reach The Exit”. The scene is complete when you reach the exit and return to the surface. With Fortunado on your team, you can deliver him to The Bunker for assistance there, or use him to complete the Sisyphus’ Landlord quest.



Fortunado - By completing the mission you gain the companion Fortunado, who can be summoned using the “Ask For Help” system.


Quest Items



Bearluminatti Connection 

The Bearluminatti is responsible for locking away Fortunado. It is their agents who appear at the end of the mission to stop you escaping. There is a Bearluminatti symbol on the ground behind where Fortunado is being held. If you cast a portal over it, it will automatically connect to somewhere deep within the Bearluminatti Catacombs.

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